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Manage the number of meals, servings, and amount of time you have to prepare a meal to fit your schedule.


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Customize to the dietary restrictions that apply to your lifestyle, with new flavorful dishes every meal.


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Take your mealplan to the grocery store, sorted by section, with the flexibility to add your own items

We've seen some tricky diets. We have meal plans for that.

No matter how unique your dietary restrictions are, we can create incredible recipes just for you.

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You'll never have to make the same meal twice. But you'll want to.

It's like having a professional chef planning out your meals.

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Simply planning meals for YOU.

Each of our recipes are customized to your special instructions. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, and dinners or just one meal with enough for leftovers all week, we'll recommend meals designed for your schedule, tastes, and diet.

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Start exploring AI recipes with the Dash Of AI cookbook.

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A Dash Of AI

A Journey Through AI-Generated Cuisine

This cookbook brings the incredible field of artificial intelligence into the kitchen in a way never done before. It is a wonderful exploration and introduction to how AI can simplify the process of recipe ideation. Written to help bridge the gap between the emerging field of AI and the familiar world of cooking at home, each recipe and image in this book was generated by AI with human commentary on how best to utilize tools such as ChatGPT in the kitchen.